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Soooo.. It's been a while since I posted here. Or well, made a blog. But, I've checked over some rules for Newgrounds to make sure I've got the facts right (Although, I'll have to go back here and there cause at the time of writing this, I've mainly checked just a fraction of what I need to know. It's a decent fraction but I've checked)

Basically, I'm planning on making Iteration 2 of the Collision Project, Slash, into a webcomic. I checked the rules for Webtoon and well.. Ha... Slash is beyond what they allow. So, I'll be bringing it here to Newgrounds! To keep things cleaner and in one place, there will be a thread with links to individual 10 pieces. The chapters are pretty long so expect there to be parts if a chapter doesn't fit the limit of images. I'm guessing it'll be somethin like..

Chapter 1 (Part 1): (Link) (TW if needed)

Chapter 1 (Part 2): (Link) (TW if needed)

Chapter 2 (Part 1): (Link) (TW if needed)

Chapter 2 (Part 2): (Link) (TW if needed)

Chapter 2 (Part 3): (Link) (TW if needed)

This is mainly so if I do other stuff, y'all have a single place to find each part or chapter!

All properties involved will be credited the best way I can, I own a good half of these things but I will say here, there's a lot of stuff from other properties, Slash is set in OUR universe, although the location is "fictional", so the writing will use stuff from other people and properties pretty frequently. But again, I'll try my best to credit whatever I can in the description or each post. I'll specifically mention it if I'm using another creator's content or properties but a lot of the mentions will be anime, manga and games.

And another thing. Although it's not the main focus, Slash WILL contain a lot of darker themes, between heavy violence, possible gore, sexual themes and a whole lot of trauma. Slash in general is dark, this is more a warning than anything so you're aware. All posts will be rated appropriately and will have warnings after part links as shown above.

Although Slash is one part of the 7 stories in the Collision Project, it's my favourite one, so hopefully y'all can enjoy it too! I'm lookin forward to makin it!