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The Collision Project

Posted by Kyunne - April 26th, 2021

Aight. So...

I know not many people know me, some MAY be familiar if you've ever interacted and y'all prolly know me if I've ever been in a friend group with y'all. But I'll start this off.

The name's Kyunne. Or, more accurately to the story line, Kezen.

And I'm plannin on making a series of stories that fucks around with the concept of existence. My end game? A crossover between fiction and reality, yes, our one.

The base is simple, 8 stories among 9 (Technically 17) iterations of the same character. Think of it like the Zelda timeline except with universes rather than timelines. Each contains their own protagonist, characters, stories and a lot of things that carry over throughout the stories (Plot points, characters, names, etc)

The first, Sapz Kergalin. Who's goal is to reach the open title of Sleeper God. What's a sleeper god? To put it simply, someone who has control over their existence, think of it like an OC that doesn't need to created to exist.

The second, Chrino Sahiko, the new avatar of Sapz and the protagonist in a killing game with chaotic abilities, his being able to control time.

The third, Chrileras, someone who accidently wanders into a reality created by the Sleeper gods and ends up becoming a mock-sleeper god, his story revolves around the idea of being a god capable of doing anything and everything, but eventually feeling isolated by being "The only real one there, an outcast"

The fourth, Sapz's return where he destroys this reality at the wish of Chrileras

The fifth, G-11, a random set of game characters who all have a connection to Sapz in some way.

The sixth, Chrono Saihiko. A half elf half dulla in Teora (Yes, the Gwain Saga one) and Chrona Saihiko, a genderbend version of Chrono, their goal? One wants to kick back while the other wants to go home (It's more a slice of life)

The seventh, Awler, Rogram, Haart, Pherv and Kalt, five souls known as Serege who were separated from their universes and guided to one spot, the cave of the lost. They try to remember who they once were, until a certain protagonist appears one day.

The eighth, Kezen. Although he has no story, he's responsible for everything.

And finally, the ninth. Kyunne Saihiko. A half elf half dullahan that has three stories worth to tell. The first, a "Kill the big monster that ruined your home" deal, the second, "Beat the big bad" who actually comes from the first iteration. And finally, an after story. What happens after it all, a point where Kyunne and everyone else who joined him are so broken conceptually or not that nobody can cause true harm again, this ninth one is well.. Pretty Chaotic.

All of these characters, stories and more will be the baseline for the crossover, I'm planning on making a story that anyone can write off of, involve themselves in universe wise, etc. Hopefully y'all look forward to what I've got in store!

I1, Slash, Static Void, Return, G-11, GS Remembrance, Brainlet and Chaos Addiction won't have a specific order for their creation, but they will be lumped in together and this post explains their order. If whoever reads this is interested, please, feel free to ask questions, cause this is gonna be a massive project for me and I honestly can't wait to share what I've got with y'all, thanks for readin this and hope y'all get hyped for The Collision Project.




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